Recommended Charities for Nepal

A U.S.-Nepal Fund through the Boston Foundation has been launched with $100,000.00 seed grant from the Ansara Family Fund.  This is a unique donor advised fund that will draw from the wisdom of Nepali Americans and international development experts to assist grassroots Nepali organizations caring for the victims of the earthquakes which struck Nepal on April 25 and May 12. Nepali involvement will ensure cultural competence, provide needed networks, and lend crucial expertise to ensure every dollar sent goes to organizations that can have the greatest impact locally. All funds raised will support community-led, long-term reconstruction and renewal with attention to human rights:  

US-Nepal Fund through The Boston Foundation


The agencies listed below are either based in Nepal, have a local “branch,” or are international agencies that we know are currently at work on the ground there.  There are so many, we tried to refine the list to those we (or trusted friends or family) have had experience with and/or we have personally researched.

International agencies that work globally:


We recommend Oxfam and Unicef for immediate relief that you can’t go wrong with.(more details about them on our “How to help Nepal” pages)

All Hands Volunteers – This is a recommended agency to refer to in regards to actual travel there to help, for those of us without a medical or disaster-relief expertise.  We have met with the founder, David Campbell, and they have coordinated a strong plan for rebuilding, applying great wisdom from their experience in other places, with a focus on coordinating with the local people, systems, and culture.

Team Rubicon –  and – America Nepal Medical Foundation

Nepali-American friend of ours who is an ER doctor in the US was deployed to Nepal with Team Rubicon within days of the first earthquake.  In her updates, she shared that they are working closely with the ANMF and she has been impressed with their coordination. 

Headwaters Relief  – A local social worker from Boxford has connected with us with her inspiring volunteer work; she traveled to Nepal in May with this organization, and planning to return again soon, to train local workers on psychological first aid.  Her personal fundraiser to help her return to Nepal to volunteer again the fall is at

NEPAL-based GROUPS –  Beyond immediate crisis relief and international organizations, we are following some recommended organizations, that work only in Nepal, all of which we already have a relationship with personally or via trusted, close friends.  These include:

dZi Foundation

EDWON (Empower Dalit Women of Nepal)

Himalayan Health Care – The president of HHC, a Massachusetts doctor,  went to Nepal on 5/11 to work in the Dhading villages for three weeks

Maiti Nepal

Community Action Nepal

Friends of Nepal  – (A Peace Corps group)


Some others we recommend:

Doctors Without Borders 

Mercy Corps 



Global Giving

… and others!

Note that several post regular updates via Facebook that are worth following – Such as Austin Lord with Rasuwa Relief, UNICEF-Nepal, dZi Foundation, EDWON, and Maiti Nepal: 

– More on these and others to come.  Our initial focus was on immediate relief and secondary-crisis-prevention, and moving toward rebuilding for long term via grassroots/locally driven efforts, and help for marginalized and vulnerable populations.


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