ZUMIS supports the US-NEPAL FUND

We will probably never stop participating in some way to support Nepal’s long-term recovery and redevelopment in the aftermath of the devastating April and May earthquakes on 2015.  The incredible support of our fundraising for OXFAM’s immediate relief work in Nepal has had immeasurable impact already by preventing secondary crisis and providing immediate needs.  We are now turning our attention to long-term restructuring that reaches those in greatest need. 

With this as our focus, we now invite those supporters who are still paying attention to consider the US-NEPAL FUND at the Boston Foundation.  Both of us (Umesh and Zillie) will be part of the advisory committee to help determine where these funds are allocated.  Below is a letter regarding the fund, and the link to donate is here:   www.tbf.org/Nepal

(Please note, there is a minimum donation amount on this fund because of the way it is set up at this foundation.  If you are still concerned enough about Nepal to be reading this post, you will understand that there are logistical explanations for this minimum $ requirement (beyond our control), but that we certainly do not expect that all who wish to support this cause should feel they must meet this minimum amount.  We also accept donations of any amount at Zumi’s, which can be pooled together and sent in to this fund via Zumi’s.  If this is not for you, another option is to visit our recommended charities page; feel free to ask our advice in selecting one of these very worth organizations to make your contribution of any amount.   You can contact us at zumis@zumis.com).  

Dear supporter,

The earthquakes that happened in April and May in Nepal killed almost 9,000 people. Homes and schools were destroyed, and many people still lack reliable access to food, water, and sanitation. A recent UN report estimated that 2.8 million people need “urgent help.” It’s because of this that The Center for Global Philanthropy at The Philanthropic Initiative established The US-Nepal Fund at the Boston Foundation immediately after the first earthquake.

The Fund is a unique donor advised fund that will draw from the wisdom of Nepali Americans and international development experts to assist grassroots Nepali organizations caring for the victims of the earthquakes. A committee of well-connected people from Nepal living in the US will provide strategic advice, cultural competence, needed networks, and crucial expertise to ensure every dollar sent goes to organizations that can have the greatest impact locally. All funds raised will support community-led, long-term reconstruction and renewal with attention to human rights.

The US-Nepal Fund is seeded by a challenge grant from donors of the Boston Foundation community, Karen Keating Ansara and Jim Ansara. The Ansaras, long-time grant makers to Nepal, will match the first $100,000 in gifts from other funders. All donations will support the ongoing reconstruction and renewal efforts, as administrative fees will be covered through the initial grant. As of July 27th, the Fund has raised $158,640, including the 1:1 match from the Ansaras. Our goal is to raise at least $200,000 by X DATE. All funds will then be distributed by December 2015, providing financial support when it’s often most critical—after the media attention has died down but while people are still living in dire circumstances.

The US-Nepal Fund will be directed by the Center for Global Philanthropy, a group of grant makers, social investors, and advisors catalyzing tens of millions of dollars around the globe through strategic advising, innovative partnerships, and original research to help in the response of immediate crises, such as the Nepal earthquakes.

We invite you to consider making a gift to support the ongoing relief efforts in Nepal. You may recommend a grant from a donor advised fund at the Boston Foundation or visit The US-Nepal Fund at the Boston Foundation to make a gift online. Checks may be sent to The Boston Foundation at 75 Arlington Street, 10th Floor, Boston, MA 02116; Checks should be written out to The Boston Foundation, with a notation that this gift is to support US Nepal Fund.

Thank you for your kindness and your generosity,

Umesh and Zillie Bhuju


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