Panel in Boston re: Philanthropic Response and Nepal

On Thursday, June 18th, 2015, Umesh joined a panel discussion hosted at the Boston Foundation entitled:  Rebuilding and Recovering: The role of international philanthropy in Nepal, Haiti, and other natural disasters

Umesh was one of two Nepali-Americans to talk about the philanthropic response to the Nepal Earthquake, the other being Manas Adhikari of Baupost Group.  Other panelists included Haiti Fund Director Peter Noelle, All Hands Volunteers Founder David Campbell, China Charity Alliance Director YouPing Liu, and China Charity Donation Development Center Director ShiJie Zhang.

Facilitated by The Philanthropic Initiative’s Partner at the Center for Global Philanthropy, Maggi Alexander and PhilanSci Founder Helen Yingsheng Li, the conversation explored what lessons have been learned to effectively respond to disasters and how they are being applied in Nepal, what the local Nepali diaspora community is doing to assist with recovery, and how China’s foundations and NGOs, as newcomers to international philanthropy have contributed both in direct response and as funders.


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