GOAL Reached!

WOW!!!  Today, the $75,000.00 goal was met on our fundraising event at http://www.crowdrise.com/zumisfornepal – This is truly amazing!!!!


We still feel deeply moved by the support from our local community for the earthquake relief and rebuilding work in Nepal.  Today, we read stories from Nepal about schools reopening, with many rural schools held in makeshift structures, and the children are more grateful to have a “school day” than most kids I know are to have a vacation day!  A natural disaster of this magnitude puts things in a whiole new perspective.  There is still alot of work to do, but this milestone for school-children shows us that the relief efforts have made an immeasurable impact.  

Here is a snapshot from Oxfam in Nepal right now:


We are working on a plan for early July to host an event for our community to share more about Nepal and the impact of this kind of support there since the earthquakes, as well as “what’s next.”  Will post information about this soon!


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