Thanking our community

After the two major earthquakes in Nepal on April 25th and May 12th, with the numerous aftershocks and tremors, devastating communities in Nepal, we felt helpless at first in our desire to help from this great distance.  But – immediately – our community here on the north shore of Massachusetts became like a bouy for us as we navigated the world of philanthropic support for relief efforts, followed by long-term needs for rebuilding, always with human rights and concern for vulnerable populations weighing on our hearts. We thank our community for playing this role with such genuine compassion, and following that with such an overwhelming outpouring of support.

Since we set up this website, we are now only a few hundred dollars shy of our $75,000.00 goal to support OXFAM-Nepal via  Check out this article about the impact of crowdfunding in helping agencies in Nepal:


In addition to this, thousands of dollars were raised toward UNICEF-Nepal by children across the north shore – Many are showing their support with prayer and messages of hope – some hanging prayer flags, others creating messages of hope on small “prayer flags” and/or banners (some hanging at Zumi’s now) – We have been sharing photos of these messages with contacts in Nepal, letting them know that their struggles are known and children across the globe are thinking of them with care and support.


Prayer Flags at Zumis

Customer Derek Cooper's backyard prayer-flags

Customer Derek Cooper’s backyard prayer-flags


Ipswich Middle School made banners with messages of hope and support, now hanging up inside Zumi’s!

Messages from Ipswich for children in Nepal

Messages from Ipswich for children in Nepal


More mini-prayer flags at Zumi’s!


Shugrue boys of Topsfield supporting UNICEF in Nepal


Kiki LaRouge of Newburyport with prayer flags at her photography studio, doing her part to support the people of Nepal.


Umesh and Zillie speaking with students at Brookwood School

front flags

Prayer Flags at Brookwood keep the energy flowing to support kids in Nepal

flags back

While Nepal is no longer in the headlines, the needs there are still quite pressing as the monsoon season begins and thousands are still struggling.  This means we are now moving into our “phase 2” efforts.
The Ansara family has started a new fund at the Boston Foundation called the US-Nepal Fund, with a starting match of $100,000.00 in seed funds, to support community-led, long-term reconstruction and renewal with attention to human rights in Nepal.  This will now become our focus at Zumi’s in our work to help Nepal during this challenging period.  Here is the url:
Umesh and I will be among the advisors for the fund, and will also be looking to host en event about it in the near future, as well as find a method to accept and process donations that are less than the $250.00 minimum on the Boston Foundation donations page.  We are connecting with organizations in Nepal, and individuals in our area and in Nepal, in our effort to support the experts at the Boston Foundation and The Center of Global Philanthropy, which is directing the fund.   Umesh has also been invited to be part of a panel about the role of philanthropy in Nepal – at the Boston Foundation on June 18th.

One thought on “Thanking our community

  1. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful images & congrats on inspiring so many to get involved with the effort. Good luck with the next steps!


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