Living through fear in Nepal today

The two earthquakes hit Nepal with epicenters to the west and then to the east of Kathmandu Valley, where our family lives.  Umesh has many friends in the region where today’s earthquake was centered.  The worst hit areas were in places where the shaking was the worst, in many cases not near the epicenter itself.  Both quakes had their own set of aftershocks, lasting for days after the event.  What this means is that everyone is in a state of fear, not knowing when they will be safe.  We are not looking to be morbid or to sensationalize things – We are generally optimistic and solution-oriented…  But today, we can’t help but wonder what it is like for them there.  Why are even those whose homes have survived sleeping under tents in open spaces tonight?  Some footage collected here gives us just a glimpse:

This building must have been deemed unsafe:

Original footage from the first quake:

Mountain landslide May 12:

That is enough for today.  Perhaps tomorrow we will post more beautiful images – There are so many – Images of people coming together and helping one another; spontaneously organizing and collaborating with relief workers as they have been; rescuing children and giving them safe spaces to play and be kids in the midst of all this; literally picking up the pieces; perhaps tomorrow.

Today we only pray for some respite for the people all over Nepal…  Pray for a calm night, and a peaceful tomorrow.  Enough.


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